GPIO Header Pin Mapping

After a little research with the Raspberry Pi circuit diagram, I mapped the labels on the P1 header pins to a new set of labels on the BCM2835 IC. The pin labels have GPIO n designations, which could prove useful for programming purposes. In the diagram above, the colour code scheme is the same as that used in the BCM2835 manual.

These GPIO pins can have up to six alternate functions as shown by the column headings ALT0 to ALT5. ALT0 is the default configuration that is used. It is also important to note that internal resistors provide some of the pins with a high pull, whilst others a low pull.

All of these pins have individual general-purpose I/O use; however, some form groups for special functions. For example, SPIO pins are in pink, and grouped together for synchronous data communication between the processor and an external device.

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