Mastech M-830B Multimeter

Mastech M-830B

The M-830B, also known as “M830B”, is a digital multimeter manufactured in Hong Kong by the Mastech Corporation. It is a pocket-sized meter measuring 70 mm × 126 mm × 25 mm, and weighing 170 g. It has a clear 3 ½ digits Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), measuring 15 mm × 46 mm. It is capable of measuring AC and DC voltages, and DC current. It can also measure resistance, test diodes, and transistors.

There are also cheaper versions of this selling as Tool Tech DT830B, and DT830B Digital Multimeter, which is the cheapest one I have bought on eBay and costs around two pounds including postage.

The main IC appears to be the same as that shown in Intersil ICL7106 and ICL7107 article. Measurement of AC and DC voltages up to 600 volts is possible. It measures DC current up to 10 amperes, and resistance up to 2000 kΩ.

This meter uses a 9 V (6F22 / NEDA) battery that provides many years of operation, and shows the “BAT” symbol when the battery requires replacement.

It does not have an audible continuity check, which is actually a good thing as the last thing a teacher would want is a class of students with beeping buzzers. The plastic case is also very tough and robust.

Large analogue style meters are great for the bench, however, if you require something small and pocket sized for the field then this meter is very handy.

Mastech is a large company that designs and builds quality digital meters and measuring instruments. I use sometimes this meter and an AVO 8 MK 2 for hobby use.

Transistor Test

Transistor Test

It measures the hFE value of a PNP or NPN transistor, which is very useful for an electronics student who is learning how to bias a transistor in the Analogue Electronics class.


Shunt Protection
250 mA / 250 V Fuse
A / D Converter
Dual slope
200 Ω
2 k Ω
20 k Ω
200 k Ω ±0.8 %
2 M Ω ±1.0 %
DC Voltage
200 mV
2 V
20 V
200 V ±0.5 %
600 V ±0.8 %
AC Voltage
200 / 600 V ±1.2 %
DC Current
200 µA
2 mA
20 mA ±1.0 %
200 mA ±1.5 %
10 A ±3.0 %

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