CD2003 Radio Chip

This side of the board shows the Radio Chip CD2003GP together with the tuning coils and ferrite rod. The component count is actually very small with just a handful of ceramic disc capacitors. There is a generous drizzling of wax everywhere so that the components do not move.

The CD2003GP is an excellent single chip AM/FM radio solution the requires very few external components. The chip has everything required to build a stereo receiver - oscillator, mixer, etc... Reception and selectivity are very good.

This is the basic test circuit for a typical AM/FM radio receiver. Selection is solely dependent upon the oscillator and resonator components.

This shows the ferrite rod with the antenna coils. The tuning dial needle mechanism is simply plastic gear based. There is also a very low profile variable tuning capacitor below the ferrite rod. It can just be seen here in the image.

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Author: Peter J. Vis