Sony WM-FX193

The Sony FX-193 is very similar to the Sony FX-195 and the Sony WM-EX190. This is a very basic range Walkman with a plastic body construction. The sound quality is actually quite good providing you use a good pair of headphones.

From the outside it's a very simple design, and there is nothing impressive about it. The inside is quite impressive though employing Toshiba's most advanced monolithic ICs for the Radio and Audio chip. This is probably the reason why the sound is so good.

The new design features for this Walkman are simple but elegant. The radio tuning dial is incorporated into the cassette lid, by way of a flexible plastic strip which connects the dial needle with the rotary tuning control situated on the side of the player. The battery lid is hinged. Apart from that there are no marked design improvements on the outside.

This player is supplied with a pair of MDR-026 headphones, that provide a good dynamic range and clear sound. The unit operates on two AA batteries that provide up to 25 hours of continuous tape playback, or up to 55 hours of FM radio reception, when using Sony's alkaline batteries. 

This model was mass produced, and therefore not so rare in 2011. A used second-hand working player with headphones, in average condition, can go for around £5.00 on eBay. A brand new one in the original bubble-wrap packaging for around £10-£14 and sometimes more.

As you can see, the cassette lid is plastic, but nicely manufactured. The player has forward and reverse controls, as well as stop button. There is a blanked hole on the side for a stereo jack socket for line out. Perhaps it is used in the later designs.

This particular model of Walkman can sometimes be found from online shops. There is still a lot of old stock that people are trying to sell. I recently saw a shop selling brand new sealed ones going for £6.

I like the raised Sony logo it looks quite nice, and makes the player look very valuable.

Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS) maintains an even volume level, preventing unintended level increases. It also behaves as an automatic gain control to keep the volume to a single level during different parts of the music and tracks.

A standard sized stereo jack socket for the volume control. FM Mode for Stereo or Mono. Radio station tuning rotary control. And finally the rotary volume control.


Model: Sony WM-FX193
Channels 2 channels - Stereo Portable Walkman
Tape functions Play / FF / REW / STOP
Radio FM: 87.6 MHz to 107.9 MHz
AM: 531 kHz  to 1602 kHz 
Power 2 × AA Dry Cells
LR6 battery duration playback 25 hours
radio 55 hours
Audio Chip LB8115
Radio Chip TA2111F
Tuning Control Rotary Manual
Volume Control Rotary Manual
FM Stereo / Mono Switch Yes
Motor Drive Digital Stepper Motor
Magnetic Pick-up head High Quality Sony Aluminium Head
Pinch roller / Capstan Single
Mass 140 g
Dimensions 89.1 mm × 117.7 mm × 35.5 mm 
User Manual WM-FX193

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Sony WM-FX193
Sony WM-FX193 Inside
Sony WM-FX193 Mechanism
Sony WM-FX193 Tape Transport
Sony WM-FX193 Radio Design
Sony WM-FX193 Radio Chip TA2111F
Sony WM-FX193 LB8115 Audio Chip
Sony WM-FX193 Battery Compartment

Author: Peter J. Vis