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  • West Croydon
  • Surrey
  • United Kingdom

I am very passionate about archiving and I am usually working on the site most nights into the late hours. I aim to answer all emails as quickly as possible, every day including weekends, so if you have any problems with the site, then please contact me first as I am very sympathetic to any issues you may have.


If you found any errors or typos, then I sincerely apologise for any mistakes or confusion caused, and I shall correct it straight away if you write to me. If you have any suggestions for improvements or advice, then please kindly email me as I am always very interested to know the thoughts of my visitors.

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Repair Work

Sorry, but I am no longer taking on any repair work. At one time, I had hopes to open a small electronics repair shop in Croydon, but I think that time is gone. I am now focusing on expanding and adding more content to the Quantum Archive.

Research Students

I will NOT be doing your HOMEWORK for you. Electronics and mathematics comes very easily to me, and I realise that this may not be the case for others, so my advice for you is to persevere.

Please Write with Clear Facts

Sometimes when I am reading emails, I think and say to myself, amazing how everything said in just one sentence was so wrong. Therefore, when you write, please do try to be factual and accurate. If you do not receive a reply, then please understand if I missed anyone... It has been a big day, and I am a little tired... :-)

Digital Librarian

Mr Data is my artificial intelligence (AI) program, and my executive archivist. Data is a very passionate advocate on making information freely available to a worldwide audience. My AI that I designed in 2001 utilises unique and powerful fractal algorithms and sometimes replies when I am working on other projects. When I am away, Data also takes care of the website, looking for typos and errors, and processing images. Therefore, you might notice improvements in the site.

HTML Page Linking

My Quantum Servers can handle large volumes of traffic, so if you are in the education sector, then linking to this site is fine, and there is no need to email me. I support all educational establishments, so if you are a teacher and you would like to see any specific article then please feel free to let me know and I shall do my best to delight you.

Support The Quantum Archive

Dear Visitor,

The Peter Vis Quantum Archive is one of the most respected UK based non-profit websites currently on the Internet and aims to bring a huge wealth of information to a worldwide audience. It has always been my goal to add to the Internet as much information that I can so that anyone seeking knowledge will be able to find it for free. This is a lifetime goal of which I have already spent over two decades on a full-time basis. I would of course love to continue bringing you high-quality articles and information, but it all takes time and money.

Thank you,

Peter Vis

Founder and Digital Publisher