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This is a British website that has been prepared solely for providing information and raising awareness of important charities. It is a non-commercial website, and does not have a checkout. The main goal of this site is to raise awareness of the blind in developing countries, and the Holocaust Memorial.

Accuracy of the articles is extremely important, and if you notice any errors, then please feel free to contact me by email. Error corrections are usually resolved within 24 hours.

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The owner of this website has high moral and ethical requirements and there will never be any offensive content. I have gone to great lengths to ensure that any ideas or written material does not offend any person, group, religion, culture, or institution.

I recognise that people and places can change and my articles may require updating. If you feel that, there has been a misrepresentation, then please write an email pointing out the article, and I will be pleased to make the necessary changes straight away.


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Commercial status

This is not a commercial website, as there is no checkout. Its sole purpose is to raise awareness of the charities that I support. This website has been online since 1996. It contains a showcase of my technical skills as an online CV, containing informative articles and notes.

Google AdSense is the major partner to this site, and I am not responsible for nor connected to, nor affiliated to any advertising third party firms.


I do not receive any kind of payment for reviews or articles. I usually buy and use the items before I write about them. I only write about the items I liked, as I do not have time to write about any others.


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Ethical policy

This website and contents meets the ethical requirements of my host. It also meets the legal requirements of my host and the international legal requirements and laws of United Kingdom. This website does not and will not ever breach the terms of their policy.

This website has only decent material, and I have gone to extreme lengths to make sure of that. If there are any false, positives please contact me to let me know the search criteria so that I may make the necessary changes to those files.

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