Academic Qualifications

Many of my lecturers were amazing people that taught me to strive for excellence and greatness. Two of my lecturers were Nobel Laureates, one was involved in the design of the Concorde, one was a professor who held the chair of mathematics. I was not able to go to Harvard or Princeton, but I think I did quite well!

10 Technical Education Awards

Levels I, II, III, (Distinctions and Merits)

7 O'Levels

Grades B to C

2 A/S Level Papers

Pure and Further Pure Mathematics Grade C

Pure and Theoretical Mechanics Grade A

4 A' Levels

Applied Mathematics Grade A

Pure Mathematics Grade B

Physics Grade A

Biology Grade B


B.Sc Medical Physics (2.1 Honours) 1987 – 1990

H.N.C. Microelectronic Engineering (10 Distinctions, 12 Merits) 1992 – 1993

H.N.D. Software Engineering (10 Distinctions, 11 Merits) 1993 – 1994

M.Sc Computer Engineering (First Honours) (Open) 1995 – 1998