Lag Ja Gale - Lyrics and Translation

This is a translation of the 1965 Hindi song with Lata Mangeshkar singing. Hindi to English translation is difficult because Hindi is a highly evolved language with subtle nuances and very few words map on a one-to-one basis. Those fortunate enough to speak two to three languages will appreciate this. I have had a lot of good feedback for this translation.

This is a song for my sister who died from cancer. This Hindi song has beautiful lyrics that always remind me of her. It can hold a deep significance for those who have lost a loved one.


Lag jaa gale ke phir yeh haseen raath ho na ho.
Embrace / hug me for who knows if this beautiful night will ever come again (in this lifetime).

Shaayad phir is janam mem mulaaqat ho na ho.
Maybe, in this life, we may or may not meet again.

(Shaayad approximates to "perhaps" or "maybe". The meaning can vary slightly on the Persian continent.)

Hum ko mile hai aaj yeh ghadiyaan naseeb se.
I have been given today, this time, through / by destiny.

(Since god controls destiny; we are fortunate to have these few moments that god has granted us.)

Jee bhar ke dekh leejiye hum ko kareeb se.
To your hearts content see me (get to know me) closely.
(Implying they might never be together again.)

Phir aap ke naseeb mem yeh baat ho na ho.
Who knows, if your destiny, may present this situation again.

Shaayad phir is janam mem mulaaqat ho na ho.
Maybe, in this life, we may or may not meet again.

Paas aayie ke hum nahin aayenge baar baar.
Come closer to me, as I will not be able to come to you every time.

Baahein gale mein daal ke hum ro le zaar zaar.
Put your arms around me (Hug) and let us cry thousands of times. (Alternatively, cry our hearts out.)

Aankon se phir yeh pyaar ki barsaath ho na ho.
Who knows, if our eyes will ever see these tears of love again.
(Barsaath in this context means tears falling like rain.)

Shayad phir is janam mem mulaaqat ho na ho...

This song is for my sister who will be watching over me this holy month. The good moments in your heart are never lost, those are what you take with you; Parchhaaiyan reh jaati, reh jaati nishaani...

She taught me to be the best human being in this life, to love, and to strive for higher ideals just as she did.