Sony D-EJ001

CD Walkman

The D-EJ001 was a portable CD player Walkman manufactured by the Sony Corporation in China, in approximately 2005. It was one in a series of models that were virtually identical except for the accessories supplied with them. The D-EJ0010 and D-EJ002 were supplied with an AC power adapter, whilst the D-EJ002 only came with an in-line remote control. They were all based on the CDM-3525A CD mechanism and the DAX-25E optical pick-up. An interesting feature of this portable CD player design was that they were available in different coloured lids. The unit shown in this article has the following features and specifications.

  • CD-R/RW Compatible
  • Digital Mega Bass
  • Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS)
  • Automatic Music Sensor (AMS)
  • G-Protection
  • LCD panel
  • Line output socket
  • DC input socket
  • Hold lock switch
  • 2 × AA batteries required
  • Dimensions: 139.8 mm × 27.9 mm × 139.8 mm
  • Mass: 196 g (approx)


Portable CD Player

This is a very basic portable CD player in an all plastic construction, and manufactured to a fairly good standard of finish. It has some good advantages going for it such as being able to operate for approximately 16-hours with a pair of Sony LR6 (SG) batteries. It has the BH3544F-FE2 stereo headphone amplifier IC manufactured by the ROHM Semiconductor Corporation and it sounds fairly decent with a good pair of headphones. The unit also has a line output socket to connect to a hi-fi, so you could enjoy the warm Mega Bass sound through the speakers.

Side Buttons View 1
Hold Switch
Power and Line Output Sockets
Side Buttons View 2


A unit in mint condition and good working order will be sought after by collectors and anyone who remembers owning one of these CD players back in 2005. CD players are still used by many people who own a large CD collection and this is a lovely Walkman that many will want to own. You can see more photographs of the inside electronic engineering in the following pages of this multi-page article.

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Sony D-EJ001
Inside View
Optical Laser Mechanism
PCB and Chipset
Battery Compartment
Back View
Case Claws