Sony D-EJ250


The D-EJ250 was a portable CD player Walkman manufactured by the Sony Corporation in China, in approximately 2003. Here are some of its features and specifications.

  • CD-R/RW Compatible
  • Mega Bass
  • Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS)
  • G-Protection
  • LCD Display
  • Remote Control
  • Selectable Line output/Headphone Socket
  • Timer Stop function
  • Beep Sound Indicator
  • DC input socket
  • Requires 2 × AA Batteries
  • Dimensions: 135.8 mm × 22.6 mm × 135.8 mm
  • Mass: 182-g


Sony CD Walkman

As portable CD players go, this model has some useful unique features such as the timer stop function, which automatically stops playback after a preset number of minutes. There is also a PGM feature which allows playback of tracks in ones favourite order. It has a nice remote control with digital control buttons usually found in high-end models. Finally, the most impressive feature is the ability of the unit to provide approximately 52-hours play on a pair of Sony LR6 (SG) batteries.

When I opened up the unit, the electronic engineering was impressive too. Whilst many basic CD players have a standard DC motor for the spindle drive, this model employs a three phase disc motor driven by the BH6580KV integrated circuit. This IC also manages the laser focus/tracking coil, sled motor, and provides power control, thereby reducing the component count drastically. In this design, the digital signal processor (DSP) function is provided by the BU9354CKV IC by the ROHM Corporation, whilst the headphone amplifier IC is AN17020B-E1 by the Panasonic Corporation. This is a nice sounding IC providing you use good quality headphones with it.

DC Input Socket
Remote Control Socket
Volume Control
Click Wheel Button


This is a basic all-plastic CD Walkman, with some interesting features. A broken unit on its own that skips would not be worth anything because parts are expensive and difficult to source, however a unit in good working order and mint condition in its box with the accessories may be collectable especially by someone who remembers using it. A unit with the original headphones, remote control, power adapter, and rechargeable batteries would be useful today as many people still listen to their CD collection. As a seller you need to provide assurances that the unit will not skip tracks, because otherwise it will not be worth anything these days.

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Sony D-EJ250
Inside View
Laser Mechanism
PCB and Chipset
Battery Compartment
Hold Switch