Sony D-NE1

Sony D-NE1

The D-NE1 (also known as D-NE9) was a CD Walkman/Discman manufactured in Malaysia by the Sony Corporation in 2003. It played Atrac3plus and MP3 encoded audio files stored in CD-R/RW disks, had MEGA BASS audio, and G-Protection drive mechanism. It required a pair of NH-14WM (A) rechargeable batteries to operate and came with AC-ES455K adapter/charger. It could also provide extended operation time with a pair of AA batteries installed in the battery case EBP-25. It operated with an in-line remote control RM-MC33EL, which had a backlit LCD display, CD control functions, and a switch to change the sound mode. The supplied accessories were AC mains adapter, charging cradle, a pair of rechargeable batteries, carrying pouch, battery case, headphones, and SonicStage Simple Burner CD-ROM.


CD Player

Many people still use CDs because the nice thing about them is that you can find your albums easily instead of having to traverse endless directories looking for that elusive MP3 file. Even worse, many MP3 players do not have an easy way to navigate directories and therefore users end up listening to the same first twenty songs! The D-NE1 was a lovely CD player that provided the option to listen to either standard CDs or ones with MP3 data files. With a pair of NH-14WM rechargeable batteries, together with a pair of AA batteries in the EBP-25 AA battery case, you could extend the playing time to 150-hours listening to MP3 audio. Today, very few gadgets last 150-hours due to the fast power guzzling system-on-chip processors and colour displays.

The DSP hardware and chipset supports bit rates in the range 16 kbps to 320 kbps, and sampling frequencies of 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz. Ideally, compressed audio with the parameters 44.1 kHz, 128 kbps, and Constant Bit Rate (CBR), works best. In this model, the sound quality is good due to 1-bit quartz time-axis controlled analogue to digital converter. The audio output is very clear with the headphone amplifier providing 5 mW per channel into 16 Ω impedance. You also get digital Mega Bass sound, which produces deep rich bass through the supplied high-quality MDR-027LP stereo headphones.

This model is also very useful for listening through an existing hi-fi amplifier that has an optical input connection. Whilst in the cradle, it can draw power from the mains adapter. If you like the idea of tiny portable gadgets that can be used during the day, and also become part of your home hi-fi, then you might like this model.

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This CD player is just 15.8 mm thick, and in order to achieve this miracle, they had to use the NH-14WM batteries, which have a thin profile, and locate the battery compartment into the CD compartment.

AVLS and G-Protection Switches

The CD compartment also hides the automatic volume limiter system (AVLS), and G-Protection switches.

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The Chattanooga Choo Choo Test

Glenn Miller CD

I always perform what I call the Chattanooga Choo Choo test, which is playing that wonderful track in the Glenn Miller CD. In the past, that particular track had developed scratches and consequently CD players usually struggle to play it. I recently played it on a huge high-end CD player, which was a huge beast of a machine, and it huffed, puffed, skipped, and gave up, however this little D-NE1 had absolutely no problem, and it choo choo-ed all the way home!


The Sony D-NE1 is a classic CD player that is usually for sale in the pre-used markets online. Ideally, you want to get the complete box with accessories, including the mains adapter, cradle, and original headphones, however this will not be cheap and one can expect to pay in excess of over one hundred pounds for the complete set in mint condition.

If it is just the main CD player on offer, then consider how you will charge the special NH-14WM (A) batteries without the 4.5 V DC adapter. It is also worth checking to make sure the special -- chewing gum stick -- batteries are holding charge, as replacement batteries are expensive.

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Sony D-NE1
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