Sony D-VJ65


The D-VJ65 was a portable Video CD (VCD) Walkman manufactured in 2000 by the Sony Corporation. It was one in a series of portable video players consisting of D-VJ625, and D-VE45. They played Compact Disc Digital Video, and Compact Disc Digital Audio, and consequently had a video output socket to connect to a television set. The unit featured in this article can play NTSC or PAL video and there is a switch on the underside of the lid to select the relevant format. Here are some of its features and specifications.

  • Video CD Version 2.0
  • G-Protection with switch in the CD compartment
  • Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS) with switch in the battery compartment
  • Hold lock switch
  • LCD Display
  • Up to 32-hours CD playback
  • Up to 3-hours VCD playback
  • Earphones with inline remote control
  • Infrared remote control (RMT-DV11)
  • Requires 2 × AA size batteries
  • 4.5 V DC Power Input Socket
  • Audio/Video Output Sockets
  • Headphone Socket
  • DAX-23E Optical Laser Assembly
  • Dimensions: 131.5 mm × 29.0 mm × 135.5 mm
  • Mass: 200 g (excluding batteries)


CD Compartment

Back in 2000, to have a Walkman this small capable of video output and operating on just a pair of AA dry cells to power a plethora of integrated circuits (IC) was a huge feat of electronic engineering. Many engineers would have wondered how Sony achieved this amazing design.

I suppose if you have a large VCD collection, in the Version 2.0 format, then this is the unit to have. However one can play ordinary audio CDs too and this unit also has the advantage of having a wireless remote control, and an inline remote.


  • TB2119F Focus/tracking coil driver, sled and spindle motor driver, power control
  • TMP87CM41U-MP1 video encoder and controller
  • CXD3037R digital signal processor, servo processor, and D-RAM controller
  • CL680T-D1 Audio/Video MPEG decoder
  • TMP88CM22F-1B20 system controller
  • TA2120FN stereo headphone amplifier
  • MR27V401D 512 K ROM
  • MSM54V16258BSL DRAM
Audio and Video Sockets
G-Protection Switch
Remote Control and Headphone Socket
Top Buttons


VCD Walkman

These old retro gadgets sometimes come up for sale in the pre-used markets, and they come in various conditions. Ideally one should look for an offer that comes with the audio/video cables if one intends to play Video CDs. The inline remote control is also very useful to have too. A broken unit on its own will not be worth much, however one that comes in mint condition with the complete box including accessories may be collectable if it is in good working order. A unit that skips and freezes would not have any value because a replacement optical laser assembly is expensive and difficult to source.

Due to this unit’s ability to play Video CDs, their usage in the number of hours may be high and therefore you need to get one that does not have much wear on the spindle motor or laser, otherwise it will not be much useful. As a seller, it of course helps if you can provide assurance that the unit is fully operational and does not skip or freeze.

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