Panasonic SL-S200

portable CD player

The SL-S200 was a portable CD player manufactured in 1998 by the Panasonic Corporation, in Osaka, Japan. It was one in a series including SL-S205, and SL-S201C. Their main differences were in the accessories provided with them. The SL-S205 came with rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries and battery carrying case, whilst the SL-S201C came with accessories for use in the car. The unit shown in this article has the following features and specifications.

  • Extra Bass System (XBS) with switch
  • Heat Resistant Polycarbonate Body
  • Anti-Shock Memory with switch
  • LCD display
  • Rotary volume control
  • DC input socket
  • Line output socket
  • 2 × AA batteries required
  • Dimensions: 128 mm × 28 mm × 144 mm
  • Mass: 220 g (without batteries)
CD Player View


CD Compartment

This is a basic CD player but with some useful features such as a manual rotary volume control. The power efficiency is also good because with a pair of alkaline batteries one can expect approximately 10-hours operation with anti-shock OFF. These units were designed for use in a car so the case is manufactured from heat resistant polycarbonate material. The location of the LCD and controls is very convenient too. The sound quality is good providing you use a good pair of headphones with it capable of reproducing the XBS sound.

Circuit Extract

I love the stereo headphone amplifier circuitry based on the NJU7082AMTE1 integrated circuit. In this analogue part of the circuitry, the XBS is achieved by the addition of a simple resistor-capacitor network in the feedback loop. This circuit design could be useful to an electronics hobbyist who wants to build a simple bass boost circuit.


  • NJU7082AMTE1 Stereo Headphone Amplifier
  • SC440303CFU System Control and LCD Driver
  • AN8839SBE1 Servo Amp
  • SM5901AF (Versions A, C, D)
  • SM5859AF (Version B)
  • LH6V5CK4 1M DRAM
  • MNG746RPK1AL Servo Processor, DSP, DAC
  • AN8789FBEB (Versions A, B, C)
  • BA6893AKE2 (Version D)
Front Controls
Power Socket
Side View


Side Controls

This is a very basic portable CD player that sometimes comes up for sale. It has some advantages going for it such as being Panasonic and made in Japan. If it is in good working order and can play CDs without skipping and stopping then it could have some value. If you are a seller, then providing a solid assurance that it is in working order could help to sell it. The rest of the following pages in this multi-page article shows photographs of the inside electronic engineering and design.

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Panasonic SL-S200
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