Panasonic SL-SX332

Panasonic SL-SX332

The SL-SX332 was a portable CD player manufactured in approximately 2004 by the Panasonic Corporation in Osaka, Japan. It was one in a series of similar models consisting of SL-SX330, and SL-SX325, with main differences being in the accessories supplied with them. The version shown in this article has the following features and specifications.

  • CD-R and CD-RW (finalized)
  • D- sound
  • Anti-skip System
  • LCD readout
  • In-line Remote Control
  • 50-hours play time (with alkaline batteries)
  • Dimensions: 135 mm × 27.7 mm × 135 mm
  • Mass: 213 g (with batteries)



This is a very basic all-plastic CD player but it has some good advantages going for it because it was designed and manufactured well by the Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation. I liked the layout of the control buttons and the LCD readout, making the unit easy to use. This unit has three levels of equalization consisting of S-XBS which boosts the base, S-XBS+ which is enhanced S-XBS, and LIVE which is concert hall-like sound. Interestingly, one can also select the anti-skip memory time from a choice of 10-seconds and 45-seconds. The sound quality is good providing you use a high-end pair of headphones with it. I used my favourite Sony headphones for testing and the S-XBS made a nice warm sound which I liked.

Headphone Socket
Opening Button
Power Socket
Control Buttons


These CD players sometimes come up for sale in various conditions, and the price can vary greatly depending upon the accessories that they come with. A broken unit on its own is not going to be worth anything; however a unit in good working order together with its original box, remote control, and AC adapter would be desirable to many who still listen to their CD collection.

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Panasonic SL-SX332
Inside View
Optical Laser Mechanism
PCB and Chipset
Battery Compartment