ATMega32 Microcontroller Projects

Hello World

Using AVR Studio - My first C++ code
ATmega32: Building an ISP Serial cable
Installing AVR studio 4

My Modular Development System

ATmega32 Development System
128x64 LCD

Piezo Speaker Sound

Connecting Piezo Speaker to ATmega32
ATMega32 LED Lights and Sound
RTTTL Player for ATmega32


ATMega32 UART PC Interface - Testing
ATmega32 Switch Toggle Program
ATmega32 blinking LED Lights
ATMega32 Spectrum Analyser


C++ Basics Technical Reference
ATMega32 16 MHz Fuse Bit
ATmega32 ADC for Light and Temperature Sensors
C to ASM Parameter Passing Registers
MP3 Compression Techniques


History and background
Inspiration for this part of the site