Canon EOS 3000 Review

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I bought this EOS 3000 camera because it had the EF 38-76mm 1:4.5-5.6 Canon Zoom Lens, which I wanted to use with my other EOS series cameras. However, I was impressed with the functions it has. At first, it appears as a toy camera with 145 mm × 92 mm × 61.9 mm size plastic body, and mass 345 g; however, it has some powerful functions, which makes it easier to get good photographs.

This camera could be useful if you were taking many photographs in low light level conditions because the internal flash is capable of adjusting its output level to ensure optimum exposure. This functionality makes it extremely easy to use flash photography.

The user manual spec indicates that the autofocus has TTL-CT-SIR with multiple BASIS, which sounds impressive, however this simply means through-the-lens (TTL) cross type (CT) secondary image registration (SIR). In simple English, it approximates to three focus points!

One of the down sides of this camera is the battery type, which is CR123A or DL123A lithium battery, because it is getting both expensive and difficult to find. However, I am on the lookout for the BP-8 Battery Pack accessory, which enables one to use standard "AA" size batteries. This accessory was compatible with many other cameras in the EOS series and therefore well worth getting if you want to save a fortune.

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