Electronic Engineering


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ATmega32 Microcontroller Projects
Raspberry Pi Projects
Sinclair Computers
Electronics Kits
Guitar Circuits

Tools of the Trade

Electronics Tools

Readymade Modules

Modules and Circuit Boards

Automotive Electronics Projects

Car Bass boost Circuit
Tach Pulse Multiplier
Frequency Multiplier using LM331 Chip
Delayed Car Headlight Control


Dell Latitude BIOS Password Unlock
BBC Computer Colour Mod
Poundland Radio


Casio Serial Cable
Seven Segment Display
CPU Cooling Fan Tachometer Standards
Closed Loop Servo
Electronic Component Calculators
MAX232 Basics for Students
Intersil ICL7106 and ICL7107
SC1088 FM Radio Chip
UHF Modulator Circuit

Audio Chips

741 Operational Amplifier
TPA2028D1 Audio chip
Sanyo LA4520 Audio Chip
Dynamic Noise Reduction Circuit (DNR)
LM386 Audio Amplifier

Power Supplies

7660 Negative Voltage Converter
Dual +10 V and -10 V PSU from single 3.3 V
5 V PSU for USB Devices and Raspberry PI
5 V Zener Diode Power Supply
2.7 Volt Zener Diode Power Supply
4.7V Zener Diode Power Supply Circuit
Split Rail Power Supply
12 V to 5 V (500 mA) using Zener Diode
Voltage Regulator using Op Amp and Transistor
Voltage Regulator using Transistor
Variable Voltage Regulator using Transistor

007 James Bond Style Gadgets

Nokia 3310 SpyPhone Mod
007 Gadgets: Polonium Detector

CRT Television

Sony Television KV-36FS76U


17IPS20 Power Board
VFD Repair

Simple Engineering

Lukewarm Water from Combi Boiler Solved!
Olympia Traveller de Luxe S