Record Players & Turntables

Cartridge Wiring

Headshell Wiring
Shure Cartridge Wiring
Ortofon Cartridge Wiring
Audio Technica Headshell and Cartridge Wiring

Turntable Repair

Numark TT1650 Slows Down Fault
Sony PS-LX40P
Technics SL-1200MK2
Technics SL-J1

Cartridge and Stylus Reference

Shure V15V Series Stylus Equivalent
Shure Cartridge Stylus Compatibility
Sony HP/PS Series Phono Cartridges and Styli
Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Styli Reference

Cartridge Specification

Audio Technica
Sony Cartridges 1982
Shure Vintage Cartridges
Shure V15 Type III

RIAA Phono Preamplifiers

RIAA Preamplifier using NJM4558 / JRC4558 Op Amp
RIAA Phono Preamplifier using LF353N
Active RIAA Calculator
RIAA Preamplifier Utilising BC547
RIAA Utilising TA7325 Option 1
RIAA Utilising TA7325 Option 2


Bass and Tone Project
Baxandall Circuit Design
Baxandall Calculator
Tone Control Circuit
Practical Circuit Example
Bass and Tone Calculator

RIAA Preamp Project DIY - Magnetic Cartridges

Part 1: RIAA Preamp Circuit Design
Part 2: Baxandall Bass and Treble Control
Part 3: Split Rail Power Supply
Part 4: RIAA Preamp Project

Ceramic Cartridge

Universal Ceramic Cartridge and Stylus
Preamp Circuit using MOSFET
9-V Power Supply
Preamplifier Case

Quadraphonic (Matrix)

CBS SQ System
Part 1: Decoder
Part 2: Logic Control
Part 3: Gain Control
Part 4: 20V Power Supply
Part 5: Completed Build
Quadraphonic SQ Decoder Using MOSFET Transistors

Quadraphonic (Discrete)


Passive Quadraphonic

Neil 4 Channel Resolver


Scratch Filter Using LM387
Scratch Filter Using TL071


Numark DM1090X Preamp/Mixer