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The NAD T512 is a Digital Video Disc (DVD) player manufactured by NAD Electronics International in 2002. Custom manufactured to NAD specifications in China, this player is a high-end model with interesting design features.

This player is the first of the series variation, consisting of T512C, T532C, T512AH, and T532AH.

Tray not opening problem.

The very first problem I came across was the CD player tray stuck. As an experienced engineer, I could tell from the noise of the motor whirring, that the drive belt must be slipping. If you are finding that your CD tray will not open, then there is a very simple fix, which involves changing the drive belt.

My NAD CD player tray would not open, and since I am an experienced engineer, I was able to fix it by replacing the drive belt. The original belt had become very hard and shiny, and was no longer transmitting the motor torque. You can see how to replace the tray motor drive belt in the troubleshooting section of this site.


If you are getting the dreaded NO DISC error, then there are two possibilities. Either you have forgotten to insert a disc, or the laser is kaput and has died of old age. When the laser has failed, it can no longer detect the CD in the tray, and instead of telling you that the laser has failed, it tells you that there is no disc. It makes a great politician!

Tray with no disc.

This player has a reliable CD transport deck that seems to work well all these years. It is very rare for the motor to wear out, or the laser to fail, from light every day use.

I bought this unit on eBay, as spares or repairs, and found a number of problems had manifested on it. However, being an engineer I was able to repair it without any difficulties.

A broken CD player is not worth much these days because a replacement laser assembly can be very costly and time consuming to replace.

In the troubleshooting section of this site, you can see how to replace the CD transport deck mechanism. This is a multi page article so please take your time and enjoy, and remember to donate to my charity...

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