Samsung DVD-E232

DVD-E232 CD and DVD player.

The DVD-E232 was a DVD player manufactured in Indonesia by the Samsung Corporation in February 2005. This was the first in a series of budget-end players consisting of DVD-E234, DVD-E235, DVD-E235d/b/k, DVD-E335, and DVD-E435. Overall, all the models were similar with the same circuit and CD transport mechanism, except that the DVD-E435 had a headphone jack and volume control, as well as a shuttle control. The shuttle control allowed step motion replay, which was a new feature for DVD players.

Front view showing controls and buttons.

Front view and tray.

Function buttons.

I just love Samsung products; even the budget-end models such as this are designed and manufactured well. These players continued to operate for many years due to the Sankyo motor used to drive the spindle. The sled motor and the tray loading motors were ordinary with good reliability.

Power Button

The CD transport and laser mechanism was of a low-profile design so that it would fit within the slim DVD player enclosure measuring only 430 mm × 240 mm × 60 mm.

Problems with this player manifested in laser tracking issues. As the electromechanical components wore out, the player could not read a wide range of DVDs. Sometimes cleaning the lens resolved the issue.

This player has a good chipset and the main processor is the Zoran ZR36742PQC, which is the VADDIS 5e 2i version that is very fast. There is also a separate flash ROM chip, which is very useful for hackers who like to mod their players.

Specification Features

Spec showing logos.

Although locked for region 2 discs, there is an unlocking code to make it region free. The E232 could play DVDs, Video CD, and Audio CD. However, it cannot play DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, CD-ROM, CDI, CDV, HD layer of Super Audio, and CDGs.

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